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Eco-Friendly Dog Leash with Storage Bag

Eco-Friendly Dog Leash with Storage Bag

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Eco-Friendly Dog Leash with Storage Bag

Convenient, stylish and earth friendly, this beautiful leash is a one of a kind statement piece. It even has a convenient storage bag perfect for your small essentials when out on a walk. 

The cedar handle can be used as a handle or a loop on the wrist. The round handle is perfect for sliding up your wrist to free your hands to tend to your pup or even snap a pic. 

The round handle is made of sustainably grown cedar.  The durable jute rope is held together by vegan leather trim made of recycled water bottles and the stainless steel clip and ring are both infinitely recyclable, safe and rust resistant.

The leash is 5' long, and the handle measures 6" in diameter. 

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